Law as Lifestyle Design ®


If you could design your life, what would it look like?

I strongly believe that the innovative practice of law enables business creators to achieve their dreams. From business start-up to business continuity planning to advanced estate planning, I focus on legal practice areas that produce meaningful results for people's lifestyles. And that's what I mean by Law As Lifestyle Design®. Whatever it is you want to do in life, we take real pride in helping you achieve it.

My own lifestyle design - collaborative partnerships, business ownership, creative challenges, freedom to travel - came into focus when I formed partnerships with local entrepreneurs who wanted to do great things together. These business partnerships and resulting companies now play a major role in my lifestyle design. Law+Equity. LAWQUITY.

As an attorney and trusted confidant, I get to know entrepreneurs on a personal level and see what excites 'em and what keeps 'em up at night. Through the years, I've gained an appreciation for the many factors, including luck, that make successful entrepreneurs different. But in my mind, the most important factor is that they have the inner "stones" to choose their own path and follow their dreams despite all the pressures from the outside world. 

We're Flexible

You need to focus on growing your business, so we are flexible with meeting location and scheduling.

We're Big Picture

It's all about the end game. We proceed with your personal goals, taxes and business growth in mind.

We're Focused

Once we know what you need, we work as quickly and efficiently as possible. We use technology and grit.

​We're Grateful

We hand-select clients that we can learn from and grow with. We are extremely grateful for this opportunity.

​Companies and Affiliates

PokeMIX by Flour+Tea

Franchises Available!

PokeMIX offers premium poke bowls and creative tea drinks in a cafe located on Pasadena's Lake Ave.

NineSquare Capital Partners LLC

First Hedge Fund Launched!

NCP is an investment company that aims to deliver an investment experience that enables people to get more out of life.

SexyMnemonics Law Flashcards

Bar Exam Studying Made Fun!

Law School & Bar Exam Flashcards for visual learners using creative mnemonics and illustrations.

PranaYums LLC

Feed Your Life Force!

Pranayum's Super Spice Packs can boost your energy and well-being on a daily basis. Enjoy the results.

Fluid Synchrony LLC

Drug Delivery Redefined!

Our Fluid Micropumps deliver drug therapy with the right dose, and at the right time and place.

WePrepYou LLC

Disaster Prep Kits Available!

We protect your life and property during disasters by providing you with supplies and peace of mind.

The Aerospace Corporation

Space Launches Made Safer!

Aerospace provides solutions for all technical issues facing global space systems.

Super Toy Box LLC

Digital Media By Story Tellers!

We design, develop and produce creative products and interactive experiences across all platforms.

LawQuity Holdings Inc

Let's Build Something Together!

I work with talented and motivated entrepreneurs across different industries. Will you be next?

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