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Our Mission

When it comes to making the right decisions for your business, choosing the best legal services provider should be the top priority.

Perhaps you’ve never sought legal help and do not know what to expect from a lawyer. Maybe your past experiences were unpleasant, and now you view the entire legal profession with suspicion. Or maybe you’ve had numerous encounters with stubborn, inflexible lawyers, each indistinguishable from the last and none of whom added any discernible benefit or value to your business. Our values here include being flexible, being knowledgable, being fun and providing business value to your ventures. We look for long term relationships with industry transformers, and chances are, we will probably partner with you. 

Whatever your prior experience with legal counsel may be, you will be amazed by what a powerful ally a lawyer can be when he has a comprehensive corporate background, proven business acumen and a genuine passion for your business development growth.

As a legal services provider, we concentrate on corporate transactions, securities, and trusts. These areas of the law have tangible results for you, the entrepreneur with great ideas. With experience and a passion for business development, the Lawquity Group LLC is uniquely qualified to collaborate with startups or stimulate growth in established companies.

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